• Add a new Member.
  • Update Member information.
  • Remove Member from organization. (Note: That we don't delete the member, only se the date when the member left the organization.)
  • List Members, sorted in LastName, FirstName, BirthDate and Address
  • (It would be nice if we in the Member form also could add he/she to Groups.)


  • Add a new Group.
  • Add and Remove Members from Group.
  • Add and Remove Gatherings to a Group
  • List all Groups and have the possibility in this list to see which Members are part of these Groups.


  • Updating Gathering information
  • Record which Members that are attending a Gathering
  • Send an email to remind Members about this Gathering
  • List all Gatherings that are planned for this month. (Nice to have: If they could be shown in a calender)

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